Thoughts on Schweser CFA L1 Three Day Seminar?

Has anyone taken this course before, or heard reviews of the program? I’m strongly considering it, but wondering if there’s any significant difference between the seminar and their other self-study products (videos, SecretSauce, etc). Would like to know if it’s worth the price and three day time investment, or if I should focus my energy on those days doing something else. Many thanks in advance for your help!

I personally think the purpose of classes is really to encourage a stronger discipline and possibly some networking opportunities. Beyond that, its just another way of summarizing and presenting the material. If you think if will help you, don’t hesitate, as everyone learns differently.

I attended the Chicago seminar and I’m glad I did. Our instructor was Dr. Kent Baker and I thought he was excellent. The seminar is designed to be a review only and it does go pretty fast, the value I found was in helping me focus and organize my review strategy. It also does a good job of synthesizing the material and presenting it in a more cohesive sense. I went with most sessions finished (including problems and qbank) and had a good sense of what my weak points were - and figured out some new ones! I recommend it, it’s worth the investment if you use it wisely. It is lecture/slide style with very few problems. Our instructor was good at answering questions but you can’t walk in there clueless - Come with some specific questions and you’ll get help. If you think you can attend a 3 day seminar after skipping some sessions, not doing problems, looking for a short-cut, etc - don’t bother b/c it ain’t gonna do a thing for you! The seminar doesn’t cover ethics but you get access to the ethics video as part of the seminar cost and can watch it anytime on the schweser site, you also get a seminar workbook which is handy for review and for taking notes. Good luck!

gotta do it…I am taking L3 and took the Schweser (6 day used to have for L1) and the 3day for L2. Also…graduated from American U 11 years ago with an MBA. Had Dr. Baker for 3 classes, and felt he was great.