Thoughts on State of the Union

I watched almost none of it. But I did watch the very end when Nancy Pelosi ripped up the speech. I couldn’t believe that she did that. I actually rewound a couple of times to make sure that I wasn’t mistaken.

I haven’t watched SOTU for years now, because it is nothing more than a ninety-minute-long commercial for the President’s agenda, mixed in with some mascots (like a Tuskogee Airman or a returning forward-deployed soldier) and some nonsensical propaganda. But I heard this one was worse than most.

Anybody have a (relatively unbiased) opinion?

Objectively speaking, it was one of the greatest state of the union speeches in the history of the United States. When Rush Limbaugh was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, I had to hold back tears. Glad to see a hero like him recognized for all the great work he’s done.

I watched the speech end to end. I’m not objective either, but I think if he keeps up this kind of presentation, he will win re-election. This speech was better than his previous ones. He’s accomplished a lot as President, and he did a great job at making it seem like it was all in the US interest. Some of the domestic/immigration content was cringy, but not so extreme that I felt really scared or uncomfortable.

There were some blatant publicity stunts, like giving the medal to Rush Limbaugh, Juan Guaido, and bringing the soldier guy home from deployment to surprise his family, but I’d rather be entertained than not while watching something like this.

As is usual for the current party state, Democrats looked like a bunch of sour pusses and Pelosi tearing the transcript was really petty and unprofessional. She made Trump look dignified by comparison.

The dems looked extremely unhappy about how women and minority unemployment are at record lows. Harder to buy votes when people have wealth, just like how our great president can’t be bought. They’d have us all starving and begging for food if they could, very sad.

As a sidebar, the two things that bother me most about this presidency have been 1) the kids separated at the border (I get the argument, but don’t agree with it) and 2) the medal given to Rush Limbaugh. It’s hard to overstate how much I hate those things.

But Pelosi’s theatrics were just bad. Politics today are a real head scratcher, the median American that both parties are catering to is obviously a f*cking moron.


Please cut taxes again!!

I utterly despise Trump and his supporters, and seeing Rush Limbaugh awarded a medal was utterly nauseating, but I have no idea what Pelosi was doing there. What could possibly be in her head that she thought doing that was a good idea, even if the fat trust fund baby did refuse to shake her hand.

We’re talking about her, aren’t we? That’s what she got, and that’s what she wanted.

I agree with Ohai. But the chanting 4 more years was pretty scary to me. Not sure if that’s common but wow

I didnt see it. but trump has done a good job imo.

from an economic standpoint, unemployment is at a ~50 year low at 3.6 and falling, economic growth has been around 2 to 3 percent and has been stagnant. inflation has been extremely low. and rates have been kept low.

his 6 biggest successful policies that is apparent right now imo.

  1. lower corp tax. (most people dont feel it, but coprorations are prolly looking at this for decision making)

  2. kept rates low by shit talking fed. (low rates are prolly whats propping this market at every level, and also keeping out budget from blowing up)

  3. lower fed tax. (benefit high income people)

  4. limit state/property tax deduction (increase fed taxes, hurt high income people in high tax states, prolly affecting where those people are choosing residency)

  5. remove obama car tax/penalty ( benefitted poor people who dont buy insurance)

from a world stage pov. ppl prolly think we are shit though. and if we have to waste some money on a stupid 20b wall and lock up a few illegals i dont really mind. because those who mind dont matter. and those who matter dont mind. AMERIKKKA

What’s he going to do when the cycle turns? That’s when we lower taxes and decrease rates, not when the economy is at its peak. Trump has been able to grow the economy by increasing the deficit with a full strength economy, all while representing the party of fiscal responsibility.

Now, when the cycle restarts, a dem is going to be in power and we’re going to hear about the deficit for 8 years.

Yeah, I actually agree that this was a short sighted disaster. None of the dems are offering a solution either, but this is a problem.

See Reagan in the 80s and Bush Jr in the 2000s. At least back the Fed could provide some relief in a downturn.

They don’t call him The Debt King for nothing. Global debt will be restructured along with a return to gold backed currency. The only losers will be the family lines that have been a parasite on humanity to the tune of 100s of trillions of dollars for many many generations.

Y’all need to expand your concept of what can happen in the world. Things happen globally in MAJOR shift points that fundamentally change things overnight, not gradually. You have front row seats to the shift point of all shift points. Enjoy the show!

US has plenty of room for monetary stimulus. Most developed economies seem trapped in a deficit cycle, for political or other reasons. However, US is 30-60 years from getting to the deflationary sort of environment of Europe or Japan. Interest rates in the US are not zero. Fed balance sheet program is less aggressive than EU’s.

Monetary stimulus agree 100%, fiscal is more problematic and where my concerns lie.

Increasing deficits is a problematic trend, but what matters ultimately is the country’s ability to finance debt, which is easy when interest rates are low and decreasing. Inflation is low as well. From this point of view, there is no sign of a short term debt crisis.

Low interest rates might have an negative effect on investment and growth. However, this is not going to be a problem until much later - after Trump’s Presidency and possibly the next, and next person’s.

US so far has been able to out-innovate other large developed economies, but if that stops, the model of what could happen is observable in other economies that are further down the deficit path.

i mean in the short run shit is good. i think what trump did though is bad for hte long run. but ultimately people are idiots and usually opt for how they feel right now. so the long run doesnt matter.

as my econ professors said, “in the long run, we’re all dead” so yolo mother fuckas

quantative easing is not a problem until inflations spikes up. no inflation no worries. so i am all for monetary stimulus and keeping rates low. the issue is that it does keep weak people alive. high rates usually kill off the weak.

fiscal policy is more of a entitlement issue. we dont need to give people ss/medicare, but we do. we have a debt to gdp of 100%. which is pretty high, but it aint that bad. any one of us prolly has a debt to income of 300% with our mortgages, but our rates are pretty fixed. if rates rise it wouldnt matter for us, but this shit will be a major problem for govt as most govt debt are pretty short term. so this is really just waiting for inflation. imo there should be no reason for us to run a deficit.

the us government currently pays 2.5% on all its debt and this is about 10% of govt spending. historically it should be 5%, but it went as high as 12% i think when we had rampant inflation in the 1980s.