Thread on retabulation (for band 10ers)

I just wanted to see if there were many ppl on this forum that submitted a retabulation request to CFAI… If so, how long did it take them to tally up the marks…

I did it last year. It was pretty quick – a few days, I think.

What was the outcome?

Just got my retab. Band 10. Don’t waste your money. As requested, your June 2010 CFA® examination was manually retabulated to ensure that no errors were made in the scoring of your examination. Your examination was verified by candidate number and name and was carefully reviewed to ensure that each answer was graded and that the score was recorded correctly. The total score of your answer book and answer sheet was compared to your total score in the CFA Institute database. No errors were found and your original score remains unchanged.

thanks…when did you submit?

Good post.

Submitted mine 4 days back. Still waiting.

I just got mine today (submitted on the 18th). Depressing to see $100 flushed down the drain…but at least I got a piece of mind. Even if the retab was favourable, would CFAI admit their grading error and risk being percieved as inaccurate grading process?

damn… I’m a band 10… wondering if i should get a retab… should i risk $100 on the off chance I wouldn’t have to study for another 300+ hours? It seems kinda worth it.

Off chance? I think you mean infinitesimal chance. Save you money. You’ll be studying anyway.

Responding to Brewey – the outcome of my retabulation from last year was not favourable. As one would have expected.

If you studied a lot, but your score was way off, get a retab. The general consensus is that if you are very close to border, a retab will not work.

If retab is simply adding up all the scores from each section and make sure the sum is correct,retab is not worth trying at all. The only benefit retab can bring is peace of mind and eventually everyone stays in his/her comfort zone.

My firm belief is that in the entire history of the CFA program, no failing grade has been overturned after a retabulation. I think there were some computer glitches a number of years ago at Level I and CFA corrected the error and changed some exams to pass, but that was not a retab situation. But CFAI definitely wants your $100 in order to tell you what you already know.

CFAI’s fail-safe system is pretty good. They have a lot of people double -checking the first go around. And it makes sense, with the hundreds and hundreds of people working for CFAI in the exam grading, all it takes is for 1 worker to say the grading system is flawed and prone to failure, and reputation takes a massive hit. So, they are very careful and precise with grading. retab is a total waste.