Three days - audio lectures, mocks, ethics strategy

I took the week off from work. as I scrambled this weekend with mock exams, noticing my weak spots weren’t really fixed with practice tests, i do the following: I loaded up my Schweser MP3 lectures (28 hours for the entirety of the curriculum) and am going straight through. The notes are literally a reading of the books, so I follow word for word. It helps keep pace. My plan is to finish the whole thing all day today - I did a lot yesterday, and do not need to review topics that are natural to me like fixed income and parts of equity I am comfortable with, etc. That’s today, Wednesday. Thursday: take either the BSAS test or buy the CFAI Mock’s and spend the day doing that - I know you guys recommend the CFAI - but the BSAS solutions appear to be really helpful. It’s probably been said before, but how do they tell you what you got wrong on the CFAI mock, and do they give you an explanation? Friday - read ethics cover to cover on the CFAI text - I have not yet read the CFAI text itself, I’ve only read the edition9 ‘ethics handbook’ - are they the same, except now the CFAI blue book has the soft dollar, objectivity, and prudent man rules added to it? THANKS!@@