Through the Material - How to proceed next?

I am through all the curriculum and my plan now is to go through Schweser’s Secret Sauce and see what my struggle areas are. What do you think the best strategy is to prepare for the next month and a half (sitting for exam on 2/23)? I am thinking that going through my struggle areas and doing Schweser QBank questions is my next step before taking any practice exams. What is everyone’s thoughts on the best way to proceed after getting through all of the curriculum.

Make sure you know how to use your calculator, especially all the additional functions!!! :+1:

Take as many practice exams as you can. The more the better. For me, the amount of material in the CFA curriculum is too wide to master it all. But by taking many practice exams, and especially focusing on learning the ones I got wrong, I’ve gotten through levels 1 and 2 thus far pretty safely. Hopefully the same will happen for level 3 this year.

Im taking the CFA lv1 on Feb 15 so today I took the first mock sessions (both AM and PM) but the score is not very promising. AM: 59% PM: 52% Should I think about quiting the exam cause this is so exhausting to cram, as well as the decreasing pass rate. Please shed some light

The schweser mocks are not representative of the exam, but you should improve your score.

Many mocks are more challenging than the real thing in my experience.

Don’t think about pass rates, focus on yourself only and whether you put the work in.

If you know you put real dedication in it, you are very likely to pass.