throw away questions?

Does CFAI ever throw away questions? That is do they ever exclude the results of a particular question (or question part) because they misjudged the difficulty and it seems like no one understood what the question was getting at?

i have heard yes but who really knows?

Straight from the CFAI site ‘CFA Institute staff review the exam questions and answers, curriculum readings, and exam results related to each comment or complaint. Special attention is given to questions that may have more than one correct answer, or questions that are potentially confusing or unfair. If it is determined that a question has more than one correct answer, all correct answers are credited. If a question is determined to be confusing or unfair, all answers are credited.’


I felt there were some very ambiguous questions on the MC portion of the test where you could make a legitimate case for more than one of the answers (obviously qualitative questions). To this end the answers appeared subjective in nature. This is a bit frustrating because I don’t feel like these questions accurately tested a candidate’s knowledge of the subject material.

i think that’s the main reason why it takes so long for them to give out a grade. they judge the *actual* difficulty of the exam after seeing the grades, from that determine the fair MPS, and then give out the results…

What about a question that is not provided in the curreiculum? Something that is beyond the syllabus. Can we complain about that as well?

sure but i’m pretty sure you won’t find anything like that. they can be pretty vague on some LOS, and ask stuff based on a paragraph in the middle of 6 volumes…