Throwin' 'bows

Ethics question: Does it violate any standard to periodically elbow the guy sitting next to you during the exam? As long as you’re not talking and/or trying to look at his answers, this should be okay, correct?

nah you’re good. but you’re going down if you sit next to me.

hmmm i say it could be a violation. If you get charged with assault, that’s against your professional conduct… :P.

Okay, quick follow up. If I’m elbowing him as an act of civil disobedience in support of my personal beliefs, then there’s a loophole for the assault charges because such conduct does not reflect poorly on the my professional reputation, integrity, or competence, right?

hahah sure, but can you let me know how you’re going to swing the civil disobedience thing… I really could use that example in real life… kidding… i think. :slight_smile: