Throwing in the towel

I waited too long to get serious about studying and now it’s too late. I’ve decided that I will take the test for the experience of it, but I’m not going to kill myself over the next week. It’s not happening this go round. I’ve taken one mock and got a 43%. I don’t have formulas memorized, etc. Unless the exam has a lot of answer B (my go to when I don’t know) there is no chance this time. I think I’ll take a break from this and then pick back up in a month or two at a pace that doesn’t interfere with the rest of my life too much with the goal being June 2016.

Good luck to the rest of you.

it would be interesting to know which band an ‘all B’ response yields. still, it’s up to you how you play it :wink:

(and tia for moving me up the curve a little)

Let’s hear it for Answer B!!! Hear! Hear!

Yesterday I took a topic practice vignette, guessed on practically all the questions and got a 100%! Woot! It was an AMAZING experience.

Educated or randon guess? I suppose you took educated guesses.

Nope. The questions were calculations. No way to guess. Blind luck. If only I could repeat luck 120 times on exam day! LOL

Wow! I never new the word luck could be so “generous”. LOL.

Wow! I never knew the word luck could be so “generous”. LOL.

go to the exam, act super chill, and make like the exam was so stupidly easy, and totally freak out the person sitting next to you

There’s gotta be more interesting things to do on a Saturday of June…If I was a hopeless case I wouldn’t even bother. Live mocks will give you all the “experience” you need in 2016 :wink:

Thats the best when you see someone leave the morning session after 2 hours and people start looking at the clock and madly writing. Meanwhile the person probably looked at the test and thought holy shit I am going to fail this and then filled in B all the way down

B all the way down is a band 7, prove me wrong!!

don’t forget to do the cabbage patch dance as you exit the room.

Really? That’s quite high for a lazy random guess! So are you saying when one is left without any clue of what the answer really is, B is the right option to go?

I got less than 40% on my first Mock 2 weeks ago. I’ve been going hard since and now i’m close to 70%. I’m going to push through even harder for a 75% before wednesday.

My suggestion to you is at least go through all the solutions!! even if you haven’t done the mock

Are you pushing for a 75% on the SAME mock or another mock entirely?