Thumbs up!

I lost all my positive thumbs up! WOw… at least I dont get any more down votes , seems there was a hater in the L3 board downing everyone.

Thumps up for you then!! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

who ever is Geneva wand wants to party after the results let me know

We know it was you… Charles.

did they remove that feature?

seems like so

It’s good that they did. What was the point of that feature anyway? Moreover, people in their 40s acting like mentally retarded snowflakes downvoting unnecessarily anything and everything like a sport.

The funny part is, most people here are actually around 25ish. But what would you expect when some of them have no problem studying for cca 700 hours per level and doing almost nothing aside from working. There is nowhere to channel that energy and emotions so dislike button is all they have here :grin:

but if i dont have my likes i am going to start feeling insecure :frowning:

What a petty way to channelize the energy.

I have a friend in my company who is throwing party for CFA 2 passing (hopefully) on 6th. She is so optimistic that she has booked the place with 50 guests and even have given an advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

i love the confidence. let us know of her result please

Wrong post, buddy.

Wrong post, buddy.