TI BA 2 Plus and APR

Okay I just picked up the TI BA 2 Plus Pro and I am tripping balls because I can’t calculate the APR.

For example, the answer to the practice question 16 on page 307 of the Ethics text it tells you what to punch into the calc. I punch all those values in and when I try to calc APR I get Error 5.

Here’s what it looks like :

N = 12

%i compute = X

PV = 1000

FV = 1061.68

PMT = n/a (=0)

I just noticed too that anytime you don’t enter a value for PMT, the calc doesn’t play nice…

The PV has to be entered negative

FV=PMT= +/-

PV= opposite of above

Make PV negative because it is a cash out flow. Make PMT and FV as positive, because they are cash inflows. Thinking of it that way makes it easy to keep signs correct.

Wow, thanks guys. You saved my life.

While learning about finance I have to learn about a totally new calculator.