TI BA II PLUS help needed

Im having trouble getting the correct outputs on my TI calc. All of the sudden, the answers are coming up wrong. I will go through the problem in the answer section of Stalla and still get an incorrect output. Any suggestions would help me out very much…Its not a BGN mode prob and I have tryed resetting it also. PLEASE HELP!

provide a problem with the wrong answer, and we can try to help!

OK…to make it as simple as possible: Company X entered into a contract that requires them to make equal payments of $5,000 each year for 10 years, with the first payment beginning two years from now. If Company X cost of funds is 8%, what is the present value of this contract? Company x PMT = 5k 8 = i 10 = n CPT PV = 33550 There is another step to the problem but that’s not where my problem is…my calc spits out 48214.52 with these exact inputs. Whats the problem?

try to do a 2nd->CLR TVM before you enter in the numbers. I just did what you have above, and I get 33550 correctly.

Still get the same wrong answer when I do a clear… What a pain in the butt

Still get the same wrong answer when I do a clear… What a pain…any other suggestions from anyone?

2nd RESET ( it’s on the bottom +/- button). that will clear everything.

Your payments per year (P/Y) is set to 12. You need to set that to 1 P/Y.

Ryan…Thank you very much buddy. I don’t know how that got switched but that was definetly the problem. Good luck!

Hey Guys, I am using BA II Plus Pro, too. Actually, I’m uusing it only to compute the following: - NPV, IRR for Capital Budgeting. - PV, FV, I/Y, N, PMT for Annuities and Bond Stuff. I was wondering if I should use it for other computings such as depreciation, operating leverage… A friend of mine told me that these functionalities are provided by BA II Plus Pro. I’d like to have your feedback guys from your experience about that?

yes Depr, Bond functions are quite easy to use. So is the Amort function http://education.ti.com/guidebooks/financial/baiiplus/BAIIPLUSGuidebook_EN.pdf lists all available functions available on the Calculator. have fun…