TI BA II Plus Order of Operations (I'm dumb)

Am I the only Level III idiot that didn’t know (until right now) the TI BA II Plus wasn’t set up to do order of operations properly? I literally can’t believe it. Imagine how many things I got wrong over the years because of this! LOLOL

Probably not.

I have such a calculator, though I never use it; I grew up on the HP 12C.

That said, my TI has parentheses.

The BAII has brackets tooooooo!!! :+1:

I never used the brackets I did every teeny tiny calculation one step at a time after writing everything down. I had some real strict math teachers growing up though that made me rewrite an equation every time after doing one small calculation.

prob smarter that way. because if you fat finger something in a long equation you’re more likely to notice