TI BA II Plus professional battery life

I put a new battery in before the exam last year and haven’t changed it. Of course I’ve been using a lot since January while I’ve been studying. If the battery were low would it start to dim to give you a warning or anything or would it just go out? I have an extra battery here but I don’t want to put it in b/c I don’t remember what settings or adjustments I made last year. I know I put decimals to 4 and there was something with interest on NPV, but I really don’t want to mess up on CF computations because I changed some calculator setting.

I have the same issue. I feel like when I put in a new one last year I didn’t have to adjust the decimals and interest like I thought I would?

Let’s hope our batteries can last TWO more hours of usage tomorrow - I don’t have a spare battery or calc! remember to turn calc off each time you finish using it to preserve life if you are super paranoid!!!

Well I replaced my calc batteries yesterday. You only need to make the following changes once you have done so: 1. Change the decimal places by hitting “2ND” and “FORMAT”…i changed mine to 4. Then hit “2ND” and “QUIT” 2. For present value calcs, hit “2ND” and “P/Y” and enter 1. This will make your compounding periods equal to 1. Then hit “2ND” and “QUIT” That’s all. Hope this helps.