TI BA II PLUS too slow to register

Hi, I just bought a new TI BA II Plus, however when press the button quickly with my two thumbs, for example from 1 to 10, this calculator shows only 1369. I have to press really slowly or with only one finger in order to be sure that all of my input are registered.

It’s not about how hard i press the buttons but the speed is the problem here, how can this expensive calculator be so slow. I’m used to Casio scientific calculator, speed was never a issue, and even the cheaper calculator from Texas Instruments (30XB multiview) doesn’t have this problem.

I don’t know if my TIBAIIplus is faulty or it’s the same for all of you. Please let me know if the Professional version or the HP 12C is faster than this.


Standard issues with BA II Plus which is not expensive nor quality. Get used to it.

Do you know whether the professional version has this issue?

I have BA II Plus Pro. Same issues. Keep this one and buy another one. Get familiar with this thing. This is your only friend on exam day. Good luck with your exam.

Plus it’s a calculator, not a cell phone. Slow and single-finger (so to speak)!!!