TI BA ii professional hidden gems

I have found that the payback period, discounted payback period, standard deviations and sample std dev, correlation coefficient, means with probabilities, depreciation ( straight line and accelerated) features are really helpful and time savers. Is there any other feature that I don’t know about that we could use in the level 1 exam. Other than the TVM features and all those obvious ones like NPV and IRR

lol… they’re not really hidden features…

hidden to me! I am stupid and have only used the methods described in the schweser material. I’m glad you made this post since now I can go learn all of these features that I didn’t know before.

i didnt notice these either… thanks

http://www.atomiclearning.com/ti_ba2 this website might help you out, there are a lot of equations that you dont have to do thanks to the features, like the breakeven quantity calculation for example

Are we able to use the Professional model… or just the regular BA2?

You can use the Professional or normal model. The Professional model is basically the same calculator with a more durable exterior, and possibly a slightly faster processor.

Pro has added features for Modified IRR, payback period, discounted PB, and maybe a few more. Ive heard its faster and the keys are a lot nicer but I havent used the basic version to compare myself. Ultimately not a huge difference either way but it doesnt cost much more and you’ll probably be using it for a long time so I dont see a reason not to go pro.

what about the nPr & nCr calculations the calculator can do for those combination/permutation/binomial calculations. I can never remember these formulas but TI does these for you as well. The manuals and videos never seem to mention these calcs.

these were the videos I watched to get the most of the TI. This video is specifically targetted for CFA exams.


Thanks for the post - I had no idea it could do all that!

can someone tell me the key strokes for depreciations, payback and discounted payback periods. I’m still calculating them manually. Please help!!!

thanks alot for that link. It was really helpful