TI BA ii professional vs 12c

Is there any benefit to using the 12c vs the TI BAII Professional? I hear the 12c has more functions but isn’t as intuitive…

In my opinion, the BA II is easier to use. It’s also less expensive (not sure how much the professional ediiton is). The 12c uses reverse polish notation, so simple things like adding 2 numbers isn’t an intuitive process.

In the end people are going to use what they are comfortable with.

I found the 12c extremely easy to use. Some versions(25th anniversary edition platinum) allow you to switch between algebraic and RPN.

I have both. I haven’t even touched the 12c. If you’re used to using a normal calculator (one that doesn’t use RPN) just stick to the BA II Plus. Once you learn where all the keys are you’ll be doing calculations in no time.

HP 12C is meant to have less keystrokes and therefore is faster for some calculations. The amount of time it saves is a second or 2 max though, and if you haven’t used RPN before it takes a while to get really comfortable with (hence why I haven’t used my 12c).

It’s up to you but that’s my 2 cents on the matter

Schweser and Elan only provide keystrokes for the TI. Just thought I’d throw that out there…