TI BA II settings

How to change the number of decimals setting on TI BA II. Thanks

Found a quick tutorial I had: 1. To set the number of decimal places that show on your calculator: [2nd];[FORMAT];{Desired # of decimal places};[ENTER];[CE/C] For the exam, I would make sure that the number of decimal places is set to 5. 2. To set the number of payments per year (P/Y): [2nd];[P/Y];{Desired # of payments per year};[ENTER];[CE/C] P/Y should be set to 1 for all computations on the Schweser Notes and on the exam.

i’m having a hard time learning the calculator, plus i find it’s easy to spit out wrong answer with the “right inputs” (i.e. easy for ME to make errors). i have no problem doing a few things longhand calculation as long as it’s somewhat feasible. do you think they’ll give us anything where you absolutely need the fancy functions?? thanks in advance!!

CelticsFan thanks and good luck buddy . Hope we clear this tomorrow. :slight_smile: