TI BAII Calculator problem on NPV

I encountered a problem on calculating NPV using the TI BAII calculator. I followed the Schweser book (and the calculator instruction) and I was able to input the initial cash outlay and period 1 cash flow. When I use the arrow to input the period 2 cash flow it won’t allow me to do so (I am supposed to see “CF2=”, instead, I kept getting “CF0=”. I saw “INS” in the display box, not sure if I am supposed to see this. Of course, I cleared all previous work or formula. This is driving me crazy! Did anyone encountered this problem before? HELP!!!

Are you pressing enter after you input CFO and CF1?

Yes I did…

I just figured out that I hit the “=” sign rather than “ENTER”. Problrm solved… Thank you very much jasonlarocca!

No problem. You had me stumped too. Glad you figured it out.