TI BAII plus - can it auto clear the TVM? the CF work?


Having to clear the TVM and CLR WORK constantly is a pain in the neck and can lead to errors, and thus far, I have not needed the TVM or workbook to retain any values, is there a setting to get it to auto clear after you hit CPT? Or when I get farther alon in the curriculum will you actully need to have items stored there?


Hi there,

I haven’t come across a way to auto-clear values in TVM, cash flows, or data sheets in TA BAII Plus. I have just made it a habit to always clear them before embarking on a calculation.

Tiny Beluga

Get used to auto-clearing. Just press 2nd CLR TVM before any problem.

You will definitely make use of stored values. When you get to bond analysis, you’ll likely need to calculate changes in YTM or PV for each year as the time til maturity decreases or as YTM goes up or down. The stored values are incredibly useful, so definitely just get used to clearing.