TI BAII Plus in Dubai?

Does anyone know where I can pick up one of these in Dubai? So far I’ve tried Carrefour, Jumbo Electronics and some other places without luck.

Why not buy a HP12C instead?

Because the TI has quite a bit more functionality from what Ive heard. Schweser notes have several instances where the problem’s solution looks to be simpler using the TI So anyone have any info?

try Al-Ain center ((next to spinney’s s/m) opposite Jumbo electronics there is shop selling all kind of texas instruments.

or better yet, try amazon.com if you can afford to wait a few days!

u used to get it in the plug-ins store in deira city centre…thats where i got mine frm

Im pretty new to Dubai so I dont want to end up on a wild goose chase. Is Plug-ins the name of the store or something? Also could you tell me what its next to or any other landmarks?

plug ins is the name of the store…n by “deira city centre”…i mean the shoppin mall…pls dont take me literally…jus ask a cab to take u to deira city centre…he will bring u to the mall…n then look for the plug ins electronic store in the mall…i hope they still sell it their…