TI BII calcuator - totals in memory

is there a way to make the calcutor add to current saved memory number instead of replace it?
for example if i have in memory 3 the number 1.05 and i want to add to that number 1.7 directly
I dont want to save the 1.7 to new memory (like memory 4) but i want it directly to be added to same memory 3.

If you already have 1.05 stored in memory 3:

RCL 3 (displays 1.05) + 1.7 STO 3

RCL 3 should display 2.75.

I understand that way, but its not practical.
for example if i want to calcuate the harmonic average for the following values: 10, 11, 12
in calcuator i have to store each 1 divide value (example 1/10) in different store number then i have to recall them to sum

I found a way using DATA/STAT

X01 0.1 Y01 1 X02 0.09091 Y01 1 X03 0.08333 Y03 1
2ND Quit
Scroll down to xbar
1/X 10.93923

thank you for your reply but i dont have a clue how you do that ?
for example how did you get X03 as 0.08333 ?
after 2ND STAT what is 1-V?
then when you scroll down to Xbar how did you get 1/x?

1/10 = 0.1
1/11 = 0.09091
1/12 = 0.083333

1-V is single variable stats mode
1/X is the reciprocal key on your calculator

Please, please, please, please read the calculator manual and do the examples. The calculator will be your only friend during the exam. They let you bring it in to the exam room with you!!!

I think I’ll add calculating harmonic mean in the calculator hints thread.

Got you… but the problem is not about calculating the harmonic mean itself.
now through DATA it will help save the totals but you have to go through downs from x1 y1 … etc

the issue i am referring to is that each time I have to save the value in different save slot, then press RCL 1 + RCL 2 + RCL 3
in an ordinary calcuator, when pressing on save (M+) it will add to the total than replace it.

Going through DATA and STATS will save you valuable time and heartache in the exam.

Just sayin’… :man_shrugging: