Tickets for Super Bowl highest in history- Obama for a 3rd term

Despite the nagging, people are doing great. Obama for a 3rd term. Repeal the 22 amendment. Then Bill Clinton for 2020

I know you’re joking, but it got me thinking. If Obama could run for a 3rd term, do you think he would win? A few months ago I’d have said no way but his approval rating is up recently and if it came down to him versus Trump I think voters would stick with the devil they know and he would win.

I see no reason why he wouldn’t win. The people who voted for him the first two times haven’t gotten any smarter.


I was surprised to see Obama’s approval rating at 50% last week. Just a year ago, it was at the same level as GWB during his last year in office (around 30%).

People see the dreck that both parties are putting up to replace him. Democrats finally have a bar lower than GWB to measure him against.

dreck, great word Higg