Tier 1 Capital (hybrids etc.)

anyone know where can get a good primer on tier 1 capital? probably as it relates to the issues themselves (hybrid debt in particular)… i have found quite a bit, but i’m confused on a few matters… 1) has to be permanent capital. but that means it has to be replaced it’s redeemed (called? terminology? i think the whole idea is that they are expected to be redeemed as the step-up coupon is so high (see point 3) 2) what happens if when a bank stops dividend payments on comnon stock and/or preferred? do the interest payments usually stop on tier 1 bonds? i think so and i think they can’t be cumulative either (although i know there are innovative features sometimes) 3) lastly, what do people think will happen? will surviving banks redeem their tier 1 capital even though the step-up coupon is now very attractive? most people i know say yes. (there was a bloomberg article about an italian bank that didn’t redeem back in april… most people seem to think the bank will have a hard time raising capital). anyway, there are a ton of banking tier 1 hybrids out there… and i presume tons of banks are going to look at cutting out their dividends. chime in if you want… thanks in advance!!