Tim Ferriss

I admit I am behind the times. I came across this guy’s bio today, visited his blog too. What’s his deal?

What (x,y) coordinates would he fall on if f the X-axis was 0 = bullshit artist to 100 = absolutely competent and Y-axis was 0 = Donald Trump-like self promoter to 100 = Beautiful Mind-type light-under-bushel-hider?

Well the problem with Tim Ferris and most lifestyle bloggers is that the real and main source of their income is the blog and media they produce. So its sort of a pyramid scheme. I’ve personally known a few of these guys. Like his businesses allowed him to live but he overplayed the amount he was making off of them and it was only the books that propelled him to a substantial living. Also, most businesses may run well for a year or two with an absentee owner (4 hours a week) but will ultimately fail within a few years as either the people you’re outsourcing to or your employees cut you out or quality declines. It’s like halting CAPEX, it may yeild some great cash returns for a year or two but you’re living on borrowed time.

The first time I heard about him was from a bar tender who peddled sports pills and drinks on the side for companies like Vemma (basically a pyramid scheme w/ a overpriced product.) All he did was sing this guy’s praises. The guy still works at the bar years later.

@OP He is a very modern version of brian tracy using sophisticated jargon and bunch of followers to improve his fame,some of his claims are dangerous,some unproven and others can be found everywhere else.However as a person who has tried sleep hacking I can tell you its a bunch of horse s@#t.No matter how scientific you make it sound,also there is this guy who goes by the name Bullet proof he advertises the same stuff and promises you the same sunny beach.

@Gabelogan STFU

Classic igor555.

I found his book mildly entertaining and kudos to him for one of the most catchy titles in literary history but besides that I can careless about him.

^FT congrats on your 10,000 AF posts. Are you alone in that rarefied category?

(Aside - “rarefied” - now that should warm the cockles of BChad’s grammar Nazi heart.)

I googled him and this blurb from his page:

Timothy Ferriss (that’s me) is one strange bird. Some consider him a professional dilettante, others call him mean names, and others occasionally listen to him or …

…wtf. Must love himself a lot.

Also, please do not include self-help books in “literary history”.

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It just means I spend way too much time here. At least I can claim it’s scattered over 7.5 years.

I liked the Four Hour Workweek, even if I didn’t think everything applied to me. But I agree with Black Swan re: exaggerating the income generated from the methods. Mixed reviews in general, but there are certain things you can get out of the books he’s written.