Tim Tebow and HCBs

Let me get this straight. He had the choice between Katie Perry, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift and ended up choosing the latter. She’s probably the better match for him anyway, but he still could do better. I hope he is only renting and bluffing with his “I only buy for life” personna.

Frank, you have a lot to learn from Tebow. Maybe you can start by becoming religious.

i’m going to do some research on him right now…

Isn’t Katy Perry married, but in the process of a divorce? I assume that’s a no-no for Mr. Tebow. KK is a ho, also a presumed no-no. I don’t know much about Taylor Swift, but seems like she would win by elimination.

Taylor Swift has cultivated a squeaky clean Christian country-girl image, so is a better fit for Tebow.

KK has sex tapes and lots of tabloid stuff about her circulating, so that doesn’t fit his image (even if he might secretly want somea dat).

Katy Perry kissed a girl and she liked it. So no. (even if he might secretly want somea dat).

Taylor Swift is the obvious choice of the three.

Yep, thought given his persona, Taylor Swift was the only option that made any sense whatsoever.

i’m not a big fan of any of the three…this tebow guy is an nfl legend…no wonder he has easy pickings…wonder what life would be like being able to get any girl you want…

Actually Katy Perry is the daughter of a minister, has a background in Christian music and is quite religious supposedly.


^Agreed. Broncos will win six games tops with Tebow. Also, I’d say Taylor > KK > K.Perry (too beefy)

I know all this, but current song content and failed marriage to that comedian guy (apparently her partying and his straight edge following rehab were major factors) aren’t reflective of that line of BS.

Funny since he went 7-4 last season in his first real season as a starter.

The real question this thread raises is, Kim Kardashian, yay or nay?

IMO, the front says yay, but the back says “I might not be able to handle that much junk in the trunk - so nay.” I’m pretty sure Tebow reached the same conclusion.

please explain about the backside part…

she s a hot classy babe for sure but her show sucks…

I don’t get where the “classy” part fits in??

Not a classy babe. The hot part is what we are debating. Try to stay focused, Frank.

Kim is not a classy woman. She leaked a sex video of herself to gain notoriety. You will probably contract at least seven STDs from basic skin contact with her.

All are hypocrites. I would go for it.

^ Fair enough. Although the idea of a rotten tw@t isn’t highly ranked in my book, given an opportunity of banging her I would pound her badly, triple wrapped and hoping for the best days later.

lots of babes wish they can leak a sex tape…most just don’t have proper material or talent…bchad…lead your sex tape on AF…world stardom right after Bloomberg reports on hedge fund manager moonlights as adult actor

do you really think she has an STD? c’mon…i would take the risk…a girl that hot can’t have diseases…