Time Allowed between Mock1 and Mock2

I purchased Mocks 1 and 2 yesterday, took Mock1 yesterday night… Is there a time limit as to when I can take Mock2? Thanks

Garch - just grab it from the drop down menu at the top right of your screen like you did for mock 1

The Question is can I do it tomorrow - 2 days later…no time restriction?

Never mind…it says due date for Mock2…6/9/…I can even give it after taking CFA on Sat

I’d wait until Sunday though…you’ll probably be tired on Saturday.

Yeah I wouldnt risk being tired and getting a low score

Then I have Mock1 score before CFA, unknown CFA score…and then Mock2 score after CFA…so I can use interpolation technique to predict my CFA score. Too much time on my hands