Time between Final Interview and Offer

I’m curious to hear how long the wait between the two have taken people. I flew to another city to interview two times and they assured me that an offer was coming after my last trip once they cleared it with the Headquarters and put the package together. Just wanted to know how long it has taken some people to actually receive the offer. I’m not worried yet, but if it hits a week I’ll start getting antsy.

Both offers for me have been within a day of the last interview. From browsing these forums, one guy said he waited in 2 weeks of silence before an offer surfaced.

Two of the last three offers were about 1 week. The 3rd was next day.

Once it was 2 days after for me. Another time when I waited more than 1.5 weeks I called them and the recruiter was nice to me and said “I shouldnt tell you this yet because it’s not finalized but we have made an offer to another candidate, the reaosn we didnt tell you yet is because we wanted to check out their references, background check, to make sure everything checks out before saying a definite no to you” That was the worst thing ever, because during that 1.5 weeks I was thinking " Oh i got it for sure, theyre taking time to make the package etc, oh if they didnt want me they would have said no by now", but this was the total opposite of what was going on and it felt as if i was getting punched in the stomach as I was being told it.

OK, thanks for the info. Hopefully I’ll hear back in the next couple of days. I’m hoping it comes before level 3 results. I think if I failed the exam but got the offer it wouldn’t be nearly as bad. If I don’t get the offer and fail, I may cut-off communication with everyone for about 3 months. 2 for 2 would be ridiculous.

My first job I did two rounds of interviews in February and didn’t hear back from them until April when I emailed them, which they responded to with an offer. There was a reorg in process that stymied things a bit. Lesson here: don’t be afraid to follow up–it’s not seen as a turnoff if you do it after a couple weeks.

For those that have countered an offer, what’s the longest time in-between your counter and their counter-counter?

3 weeks The next day The same day