time constraint on exams

I did fairly well on CFA mock, Schweser mocks (above 70%) … but often needed extra time, especially on the CFA mock. My problem is more about reading the lengthy case studies rather than recalling the subjects,

For retakers, will the case studies on the real exam be MORE straight forward ? or this is what I should expect ?

Thanks guys

i think the actual CFA exam cases are less wordy than Schweser exams, you should have plenty of time, but still be aware of the clock. took level two last year and spent too much time on of the ethics cases and was playing catch up rest of the way. try to bank a few mins on ethics and don’t dwell/stare at a questions for five mins.

^ generally true, yes

I found the CFA mock exam last year to be much more difficult than the actual exam but I have not taken this year’s CFA mock yet, I plan to take it next week.