Time constraints on Level 2

I’ve take a few mocks and just barely manged to complete on time. How important a factor do you think is timing on Level 2?

very important

The most surefire way to fail these exams is to leave a bunch of bubbles blank.

If you run out of time and don’t even take the freebie 33% you should get from blind guessing, it’s pretty much game-over.

On the day, you tend to find a few candidates get up and leave after 2 hours…I have never worked out of they are smart or stupid?

Time is a real factor, especially as there appear to be a few tricks in the questions, it doesn’t pay to rush.

I am one who leaves at about 2 hours and don’t consider myself either extremely smart or stupid. I don’t rush and I read the questions thoroughly and once I find the answer I am confident in it. If I can’t get it or start stumbling on a question I skip it right away and make a mark by it. I go through all the Q’s I wasn’t sure of at the end. I can usually get a couple more answers by spending a small amount of time on it. If I have absolutely no idea, I know staring at the Q isn’t going to make me learn it. For the questions I have no idea, I try to get it down to 2 possible answers and then guess.

Point is, once I answer a question I don’t second guess myself and sit pondering it. I either know it or I don’t and I don’t beleive if I had 10 hours to think about it I could get it.

I’ve always been one throughout high school, college, and the level 1 mock who leaves really early and I’ve always done well. If I were to take the full 3 hours it would mean I was in serious trouble.

Thats how I work, doesn’t mean thats the proper way for everyone, but its the proper way for me.

time management is definintely important. my strategy: i go through the exam answering all the questions that i can answer very confidently, skipping over the ones that i’m not sure about how to approach. once i get to the end of the exam, then i go back to work on the ones where i’m unsure. this way, i’m sure to get all my “slam dunk” points rather than getting stuck on one question early in the test and not having time to focus on the later item sets…

If you know the material time is not a factor. I’ve been finishing my level 2 practise exams in around 2.5hrs and i consider myself slow in exams.

I don’t think anyone is dumb enough to leave a multiple choice question blank without even randomly guessing…

You wouldn’t think so, but I know someone who left econ blank, as in NO answers at all for both AM and PM seesions on the L1 exam. He passed somehow.

you know for sure?? econ isn’t a huge part so it is possible, but I find it hard to believe he left them all blank