Time constraints on test

Is it true how significant the time constraints are for finishing the test?

I took a mock exam this weekend and finished in 2 hours for the AM session and about 2.15 for PM… I for sure went too quickly because I was guaging my speed off of how other people told me that they could barely finish.

I would much rather take my time and only come back to a few questions at the end if I have time. I defenitly don’t want to finish and go through the whole thing and start second guessing…

I guess I was just very suprised how quickly I finished. I’m probably just going through it way too fast. Any thoughts?

It all depend on your degree of preparation. I studied 450 hours and practiced QBank exhaustively.

Last June I took 1.5 hour for the morning session and 1.75 hour for the afternoon and passed. You kow the material or not and there is no point agonizing choosing between answer A or B.

I think there is a new rule about leaving. You cannot leave before the proctors dismiss the whole group.

Correct it says you can not leave the room anymore, it used to be if you finished with >30 mins left you could leave. I finished my review with like 29 minutes left in the AM session so I had to wait. PM session I finished in about 1.5 hours.

I typically took a little longer than my mocks, but it really comes down to which 120 questions are on each half. If they test stuff you arent as strong with it takes you a bit longer, if its stuff in your wheel house you can run through it very quickly.

Well…how did you do? Finishing quickly and getting many questions wrong is worse than barely finishing but getting more questions right.