Time Contraints and Pressure

I took the first Schweser book 6 practice exam. I scored a paltry 54% vs the average of 61% for all people who submitted scores for that exam. Most disgruntling, I had to randomly fill in the last 20 questions to finish the exam within three hours. As I review the exam, I’m realizing that I knew the logic behind the majority of the problems I missed and was able to solve them pretty quickly in during review. Clearly, this was pure nerves getting the best of me. My strategy will be to work on problems every night from previous CFA exams on weekdays, review weak areas on my bus ride to and from work as well as lunch breaks. Culminate the above with a three hour practice test every saturday until exam day, saving the CFA practice exams for the last two weeks prior to the exam. Does anybody have any advice on completing the questions quickly, not letting pressure and anxiety get the best of one self, or augementations of the above plan to deal with my weaknesses.

I always feel like I do horrible on the first few questions no matter what they are, then I find my mode and get into a zone, blocking everything else out, and things feel easier. It was driving me insane that you were told how you did on a question on the CFAi practice exams. Threw my M.O.