Time entered in Hall?

Did anyone manage to enter 5 minutes before the exam started? What were your entering times? i.e. how many minutes before starting the examination?

I found it interesting that different cut-offs (i.e. when the doors were shut) were use in the morning vs. afternoon. And in London there were massive queues (for LI and LII) due to absolutely no reason other than bad organisation. Morning cut-off: 8.45 Afternoon cut-off: 13:35 I only just made the afternoon session in fact after stopping for an espresso. Also 20 mins before the PM some mad bald guy turned away all of the people from the queue for the toilets in the hall, and told me that if I went in there I would have to stay in the toilets until the exam had started… so I told him that that’s not what the announcement had just said, went anyway, and afterwards, OMG everything was fine.

Was locked out until 9:00. Not fun. My own fault really, should have anticipated that it would take a while to move 2,000 people through two sets of doors.

read this as “time entered in h.e.l.l.” LOL