Time for EOC Q's?

For those who have gone through the CFAI EOC questions, I just wanted a sense of how much time it took you. I’ll be starting that soon, and want to plan ahead. Thanks!

Forever. I know cfasf1 has done them. He might be able to help.

it took me like 3 weeks to finish them all. it took mcleod maybe a week and a half… i’m the slow kid who fell out his chair in the back of the class. he’s the kid from school you hated that got all the answers right. but yeah, if you focus and that is all you are doing, you should be able to get them done in probably 1.5 to 2 weeks. mwvt was also reading schweser simultaneously, so it is taking him longer. they really do take a long time and requires focus… like mcloed suggested before, you may want to answer some of them in your head so you don’t spend all day writing… but yes, they are a helpful study tool.

EOC CFAi or EOC Schweser? or both?

Got it. V.V. Helpful!!