Time for review - Where do I start?

I’ve gotten through all the readings and I’m going to be hitting the review pretty hard until the exam.

I went back to Quant and Econ to begin the review and do the EOC questions, and I’ve found I’ve already more or less let go of (forgotten) all the material I read a few months ago!

What’s everyone’s suggestion for where and how to start the review!? Just tackle the questions and learn from mistakes or try to brush up on the material before doing questions with a chance of actually getting them right? Do Qbank questions first and leave EOC questions for closer to the exam as I’ve heard some of the exam questions are taken from actual EOC questions, or do EOC now?

How much time would you spend on the smaller topics like Quant and Econ compared to FRS & Equity?

Having a plan of attack will help me focus and go through it all again, but I just can’t seem to settle on what to do and when!

Can’t really say whats the best way to do it… but since I was in d same position last week, i can tell u my approach, I am doing a quick review on each subject… planning to go for a mock on May 10 to see where I stand… For me, I did not want to go for mocks completely unprepared… so now atleast things are kind of fresh, n taking a practice exam makes more sense…

Ofcourse mastering FRA and Equity is much more critical than Quant… so would definitely suggest u spending more time on these…

Hope this helps… Good luck :slight_smile:

This kind of questions have been posted for a few times over the past week or two. IMO, the best strategy would be to read through everything as quickly as possible just one more time. Then start trying practice questions/exams.

I did the same. I forgot everything, and then picked up my books and notes to review the concepts and formulas again. After that, the questions didn’t seem very frustrating any more.

Also, just like alldbest2012 said, if you go and try questions unprepared, it might destroy your confidence, which you definitely should avoid…