Time Horizon Definitions

Do these sound right?

For Investor Time Horizons:

Short: <3 Years

Medium: 3-15

Long: 15+

For Bonds Maturities:

Short Term: <2 Years

Intermediate: 2-10 (I remember reading that it may be only 2-7 years?)

Long: >10

Sounds pretty good. Note on the AM section we can use terms like “fairly long time horizon”. I don’t expect to be losing points based on hard cutoffs.

Yeah, considering that there really isn’t a universal definition for either category I would have to agree. I just think of the actual naming conventions of us govt debt: bills <2, notes 2-10, bonds 10+.

can we just say for example long term multi stage or do we need to list the stages

List them based on past AM sections.