time horizon-how many stages

you retire in 10 years and upon retirement will also fund your kids college How many stages you have 2 or 3? 2004 says -2, I thought - 3

no, it’s two. Retirement / college funding: these occur at the same time Post-retirement the reason it is only 2 is because you only add time horizons for major changes in the IPS. since both major changes happen to occur at once, it is one horizon. if the kids had gone to college 5 years before retirement, that would have been 3.

ok, but kids dont go to college for 1 year. after they graduate?

the question stated that will support them for 4 years but then there is a change that they don’t have to support their kids education.

I think college education should be a seperate t-h, I can’t see them taking off for that.

i would have done 3 10 yrs until ret/coll 4 yrs ret/coll retirement less coll edu