Time is my Enemy... Please Help

I’ve always been a slow test taker, and I just can’t finish the schweser tests in 3 hrs. I can only answer about 100-105 questions everytime. I end up having to guess on rest. I think my problems are: Cant focus and read questions multiple times (especially ethics), brain fried after an hour and 45 minutes so my speed decreases even more, too much time spent on calculation problems (get stuck on problems that I cant solve and waste minutes), and reading all the answers to make sure (at least in my mind) that they are not right. I’ve been reading some posts, and I think some of you said you finish in 2 to 2.5 hours. Can you give my any tips/advice, please? I’ve been getting 58 - 62 on the schweser exams. I’m thinking that if I improve on this, I might actually have a chance in this. Thanks!

I have exactly the same problem as you… The only thing i could say is that CFAI takes lesser time than Schweser. I was not aware that someone was able to complete the paper in 2 or 2.5 hrs!

eat more fish…it helps :slight_smile:

i did it in less than 2 hours :slight_smile:

Prioritize. Don’t bang your head on a calculation intensive questions and tried to race operations through your calculator to figure out an answer. Move on to the next question and then come back.

CFAI questions are alot more to the point and take half the time to do. For me at least.

Try not to ever use your calculator. Most questions don’t need it. My speed has increased steadily. Full test takes about 2.5 hours now.