time is winding down....what to punt?

I rather like punch than punt… cool

In my honest opnion…you don’t want to punt anything…that was the main reason why I was looking at my band 10 last August and suffering through this level 2 nightmare for a second time…Oooooh who cares about economics…ooohh whatever about porfolio management…man every single point counts…

so tell us your story. What did you get for the topics you punt against?

You have quite enough time to repeat all weakest areas. Don’t punt anything unless you are willing accept significiant possibility that you will continue to post on this topic during spring 2017.

i see that the new portfolio management is way interactive than the previous course and a lot of changes have been done, so i wouldn’t punt it.

Why punt anything? You have 11 days to develop good knowledge.

Punt me baby… cheeky

Going to revise my punt proposal after reviewing the contents of the PM section. I was really thinking mostly about punting reading 54 active PM, but i realized this stuff is all new so im going to hit it again and get as much of it down as I can.

punt everything, so the people who took no short cuts are higher up the curve.

You see now that is risky. I basically punted the readings you listed in the beginning of my studies until I took some Schweser mock exams. I saw entire items sets on M&A, residual income model, time-series, and swap valuation/CDS mechanics. Sigh…it seems like for L1 if you were to punt the entire Economics section, you will still pass with flying colors. However, if you punt multiple readings from the the different 5-10% topics in L2, you will surely get screwed on exam day.

Why punt? Just throw a hail mary

If your defense and special teams are good enough you can punt on first down

I would advise punting only if you could use the time saved on something with higher value like FRA or Equity and increase the odds of scoring well there. My recommendation would be to punt Economics, since you can get the low hanging fruit with little effort and to cover everything would take a long time.

@nycet824 – i was being semi-serious in the bullets, but ironic after. sorry – thought “punt intercorporate” was a giveaway!

for sure, punting is a dangerious game. i still haven’t solve time series. still time. agree you could do it in L1.

i think it explains stories of people who got a few 70’s in mocks but failed. maybe they rolled the dice and won in training and lost on the battlefield.

CFAI mock was a huge wake-up call for me. i put 20x the energy into FX (R13) than into economic growth. i got 75%+ on the EOCs for that with a quick 20 min skim. but after doing the mock and the topic tests … who cares about topic weights. at the reading level, Economic Growth could easily have the same # of exam questions as Multinational, where i’ve spent 15+ hours.