time is winding down....what to punt?

Hey AF,

So there are 4 topics that are worth “5-10%” on the exam: quant, econ, port mgmt and alt inv. 5-10 percent means they could account for 1/20 item sets, or even 2/10.

My question to the forum is simply this: Lets say that in the interest of time I wanted to “punt” one of them so as to not worry about memorizing forumals and concept. Which one of them do you guys think has the LEAST PROBABILITY of showing up in TWO item sets, instead of the customary ONE?

That is the one that I will punt. its 4th down…

*1/20 or 2/20

silly me. which one would you guys punt?

Whichever one you think, it probably won’t be that one.

I have already pretty much punted on port mgmt, at least the formulas. couldnt wrap my head around it and at 5-10 i will take the hit

See I don’t think port is puntable because of the cross-informational synergies with other topics.

Namely: beta. Beta is everywhere. Port, equity and Corp fin haha.

Thanks for your input tho, and you do definitely have a point with regards to the formulas you have to memorize…may not be worth it. I agree somewhat.

What at do other people think?

what about beta in PM is any different from what we know already?

one could argue that with PM being such a large component of level III, test writers want to hammer us on other things. The time will come for PM to take us out back, just don’t think it’s going to be this June.

Or I’ve heard the unofficial theory thrown around that topics that have significant revisions tend to get tested heavier the year following the update. If there’s any truth to that, PM may be lighter this year (and heavier in 2017) and Fixed Income may wreck our faces (updated in 2015, then ABS removed this year).

If I were to punt on any of the 5-10 categories it might be AI. Lots of places to pick up some theory points but many of the calculations are rather involved (NAVPS, FFO, Private Equity, Venture Capital NPV and IRR, etc). Not hard stuff, but lots of bits to remember when our brains are already bursting at the seams. Econ gets a close second for me (Cobb-Douglas can get bent).

I’ve punted Econ from the get-go…

Alt inv is weird to me and here’s why: given alllllll the things in that section I feel that it should be more than on me item set?

i would love to punt Econ. What are y’all punting

I would punt Econ if I were you. Apart from the calculation in the first half of the first reading, I find the rest meaty and hard to digest.

instead of viewing it that way, view it by readings.

if you have to:

  • punt time-series and correlation/regression, but not multiple regression, or the new one.
  • punt the last two readings in portfolio, but not the first two.
  • punt the governance reading in economics.

hell, punt intercorporate – totally overrated. punt return measures. punt M&A. punt derivatives. punt corporate finance. punt ethics. punt punt punt.

what does punt mean?

Is it safe to punt derivatives? Hate that section. Not the conceputal stuff but all those calculations that I won’t remember

as someone else said, yes, you should obtain the charter while skipping a $600-trillion sector of the financial economy.

No can do bro. Derivatives is a “5-15” topic which means it can be as many as 3 item sets. Most mocks I’ve done it’s been two.

As far as puntable topic I’m speaking specifically about the "5-10"s.

Alt, port, Econ and quant. Still haven’t come to a decision

Don’t punt portfolio management, there is a brand new topic added to this year, the changes of CFAI making two sets in the exam is high.

I’ll be punting last two chapters of Alt Inv and 1 reading from Econ.I think Port Management is very testable for two item sets.Can’t risk that.

4punt verb Definition of punt transitive verb

: to kick (as a football or soccer ball) with the top of the foot before the ball which is dropped from the hands hits the ground

In UK a punter is a bettor/predictor of football scores.

I guess both definitions would be fit in this case: I’d like to punt (bet) against PM and not prepare for it, as well as I’d like to punt (kick) the whole chapter into smithereenes.