Time Management Strategy

OK, so far I’ve just taken a bunch of Schweser practice exams, and have been scoring reasonably well (50’s on the earlier ones, but low/mid 70’s on the last 3 tests). I’ve found that I’m finishing them all in about 2 hrs, which is different from my experience on Level1 where I was struggling to stay on pace. My question is: how can I best trade off time for points, that is how can I use my extra hour to add a few extra pts onto my score? Also, have others who took L2 last year and are doing Schweser noticed a difference in “length” of the real thing vs. Schweser? Thanks in advance for any strategies that y’all have found helpful.

I also have similar issue, at least in L1 and the practice test I’ve taken so far. I’ve decided to slow down while taking the test and being very careful reading question and answer. I don’t think time is best spend going back over after first pass. The first choice is the best choice, unless it’s clearly wrong.

On LII you’ll see very few people run out of time. While you are going through make a mark, or keep a list of q’s at the end to go back over…maybe the tricky Ethics ones trying to see some word you missed, etc. I believe most studies show that changing your first answer usually is a mistake.

Sponge - agreed. I usually make a mark to go back.

Yep, I’ve found that on every test I’ve lost 1-2 points just because I got messed up by a double-negative, (e.g., was smith correct in her criticism of Jones’ statement…) or something else dumb. I’m deciding whether it’s better to slow down on the first pass, or to rumble thru and proofread later on. I hate the feeling of being exactly on (or behind) pace. Makes me stressed and then I make even more mistakes. Does anyone jump around sections, like leaving ethics for later, or hitting their strong/weak sections first? Probably similar to football teams electing to kick/receive in the first half or jockeys coming out of the gates in front/behind the pack, to mix analogies…