Time Management: Those who have taken

Hi guys, How did your Qbank and practice exam time management averages compare to the actual exam? I find myself taking roughly 1 minute per question to finish 60 question tests in the QBANK averaging in the mid 80s so I am putting in effort. I am worried that during the test the nerves + ongoing brain drain from the long day will slow me down. I have spent 0 time worrying about time management thus far, so I am deciding whether to make it something of a concern. I find myself blowing through ethics/conceptual stuff and probably taking extra time on calculation questions… Thanks in advance

I scored about the same, doing 120Q tests, about 1 minute per question. I had left about 30-20 minutes in each part of the real exam (20 in the afternoon session). The afternoon one was a bit harder than the morning (or so I thought), and subconsciously I wanted to ESCAPE, RUN FOR MY LIFE, GET OUT. It took a lot of “come on, one more question” to finish - drained!. I passed.

If you are comfortable with english, you should have any time issues on level 1. Plenty of candidates were walking out with 30+ minutes.

Thanks guys, exactly what I was hoping to hear.