time management

hi all, i am a bit concerned, I finished six mocks, none is on time, the last one, CFAI mock, I extended 10 min for morning session and 3 for afternoon session, I wonder how can I possiblely not go over time, I notice that for FRA and Equity cases it takes almost twice as much comparing to some short cases, any cap people use to cap their time on cases?

i don’t let my self struggle with any question, once i feel that i can’t get the logic in the first 30-50 seconds, i skip to the next one and so on, after i finish i always have the time to review the unanswered questions once again and spend the time needed.

I do this as well. If I can’t get the answer right on my first go I’ll mark what I’m closest to and mark it for further eview. I find if i don’t waste to much time on questions I’m going back and forth on I can get through the exam relatively quickly.

I finished the afternoon mock in about an hour fourty on my first run through and spent 30-40 minutes figuring out the problems i had issues with knowing that I could aggregate time to trying to figure it out without rushing through the rest of the exam if i had time issues.

I had the same problem until I changed my tactic in terms of the topics.

Now I start with the most heavy in terms of calculations (derivatives or FI) and I always finish with Ethics.

Since I’ve done that I finish always at least 15 min before time…

I also agree with you sometimes is better to run away from a difficult question if you dont see how to face it in 30 sec,

I might do that in my last one mock