Time Management

I just got the CFAI material a few weeks ago and I am wondering how I will ever master this and Schweser over the next seven months. It seems that a candidate can only choose one over the other. I have passed the CPA and CFP, but with those exams, you can get all you need from a course provider and there was none of this splitting time between “official materials” and provider materials. Maybe I should reschedule the exam for Dec 2008. Is anyone having the same issues regarding which to study? thanks

You have plenty of time for the June exam. Everyone has different opinions on this subject. I would go with the CFAI books as your main study source for now. They are now required to purchase when you sign up for the exam, so I would feel safest using those. After your done with those, I would use the Qbank. When your not clear on some of the answers on the qbank, you can then go to the Schweser of CFAI books for review.

Can people writing the exam next year include 2008 or something to that effect in the subject of their posts, as a courtesy to all of us writing in 5 weeks? At this stage we don’t much time to sift through posts like that. Thanks.

Red Barron–on the scweser home page there is a place where you can create a study calendar which will break down the material into manageable pieces based on the amount of time you intend to commit on a weekly basis…It might be helpful for you to use that to plan the whole course of study. And I agree with moto376, you have plenty of time, and you should direct your attention to the CFA first and the schweser as a supplement. Good luck.

don’T panic, redbaron. There is still enough time…

can anyone tell me the link for creating the study calendar on Schweser , cuz i cant find it anywhere…