Time Management

We’ve got 102 days left before the December exam. I’ve only done 50% of FRA - nothing else. I’m trying to understand how to best allocate my time. I have the following materials: CFAI Books Stalla Guides Stalla Video CDs Schweser QBank Given that there are 102 days and I can only put in 2-3 hrs per day, does it make sense to cut out some of this stuff? Perhaps focus only on the guides, QBank, and CFAI end-of-chapter questions? Thanks in advance.

You will need to go thru the material ATLEAST once. You could use either Schweser or Stalla for that. Then do end of the chapter questions from CFAI and as much of Q bank as possible. With 3 hrs per day for next 102 days, you should be able to achieve this.

Does anyone have a rough estimate as to how long it will take to go through all of QBank?

I don’t know if you can put a time on going through all of QBank. I am going through QBank once I finish a chapter. I am focusing on QBank questions that tests more of theory than problems. I am saving the problem questions for November. Hope this helps!

sbkrish: Yes, it helps. Thanks! Btw, I haven’t bought QBank yet but you can choose between theoretical vs. calculation problems?