Time-off before exam

How many of you took time off from work before the exam? And if so, how long you got? I took the week off next week. Add that on to Thanksgiving holiday I have a good wholesome 9 days before the exam. I will say goodbye to the sun and the outside world in general in approximately 2 days.

I’ve got the whole of friday off…

me too. A week off.

delhirocks, I am in the same boat, can’t take any time off, only Friday.

delhi, are you even thinking of studying on Fri? I think I’ll put away the books at some point in the early PM of fri.

i took thurs and friday off. I hpoe it gets approved by management. If not, i dont care i’ll call in sick

Got the week after I took a look at the BSAS exam… FSA worked me over!

I am hoping not to study on friday pm. The only thing I want to do on the last two days is Read Ethics & and go over all the formulae. Hopefully, I’ll stick to it…

got friday and the following week off

i have no vacation time. I’m taking time off studying on Friday before the exam though. It’s important to be well rested for the exam.

i’ve got all of next week off…

i’ve got 3 days off, but plan not to study on friday at all. Hopefully, i’ll stick to it

I have got around 5 weeks of vacation approved by my management starting 28th Nov. So It’s just 3 days before the exam :frowning: - Dinesh S

how hard was it for you guys to get that leave approved? if my management didn’t approve my leave, i would’ve walked… studying for this exam is far more important that staying here

wow dinesh, you will have plenty of time to party after the exam :wink:

LongOnCFA, I was supposed to catch a fight (to my home-country) on the exam day in the evening after the exam, then Joey came to my rescue and I postponed my travel to 2nd Dec. [ref: http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?11,604445,604445#msg-604445]. I sure have loads of time before I see the results… - Dinesh S

I took the 3 days before the exam off.