got the blessing for takng 2 days next week(th-fr). SWEET! what is everyone else taking off?

same as you, thurs and friday

3 days wed-th-fr

zero - taking the following tuesday off to get the eyes lasik’d - - wasn’t going to push both sides; i’m burned out already, taking days off would just make it worse

i have next week off …book 7 here i come …what sux even more is I’m off without pay …talk about oppurtunity cost :frowning:

The more i hear about how people in finance get treated, the less desire i have to go there. Besides tech is took a lead from financials in S&P

w/t/f - … that is Wed THurs Fri and not “what the F>” - Thats what Ill be thinking on Sat…

csk - you in tech? what co?

Data_Monkey Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > csk - you in tech? what co? big investment bank :slight_smile: one the horses of mbs apocalypse

CSK, since you dont want to cmoe over to the dark side why dont you just bomb this test to give us a boost…be the sacraficial lamb :slight_smile:

I am off this week and next. I am using my vacation time though.

off all next week.

Next Friday only - not for studying, but for pre-exam day relaxing. I will play Grand Theft Auto IV, hit the gym, etc. But there ain’t going to be no studying next Friday.

Luckily my wife is going away this upcomign weekend, so I won’t have any distractions besides the dog :slight_smile: for this weekend. Hopefully its a nasty and wet weekend so my dog doesnt tempt me to go outside…come on you all know that look…

taking all next week off

Monthend this weekend, so I have to work a full day Monday, half day Tuesday, then off after that.

Wed-Fri next week. Plus I took this Thurs off just to do an exam, and be able to watch LOST without feeling guilty. All vacation days.

This Friday plus W/T/F next week.

This Fri and next Thu and Fri…anymore and i will loose my mind.

All next week off and paid. Flex time Friday (cloud of dust around lunch time)