Time per question (AM)

Does anyone have any useful advice on how much time to spend per question? There isn’t an indication of the number of marks available per question.

My best guess is that the exam is probably out of 60 marks and therefore each minute represents 0.33 of a mark. So for a 6 minute question, this would be 2 mark.

Any thoughts?

It’s out of 180 marks and the AM portion is 180 minutes long…it’s 1 mark per minute.

cue (deserved wink) sarcastic comment from hastag

I opt to go easy on the Level I candidates. Particularly those unlikely to make it to Level 3.


Is the PM session of the exam still out of 60 points then given 10 vignettes?

the PM session is worth 180 points. It is comprised of 60 multiple choice questions spread over 10 vignettes (3 minutes/points per question).