Time required for L1

Hello All,

I am planning to take L1 in June 2012 and start preparing for it around 1st Jan 2012. I will be able to put in 18hrs in a week. I consider myself as an average student. I am into IT field but have some exposure to finance(asset management)

With this background, does it look like I will be able to crack it in June ? or I need to start early or put in more hours ?

Some tricks and suggestions to plan my prep is really appreciated.


umm, that will get you to 468 hours…

you’re worried if starting L1 in Jan for June is enough? I just posted a thread before asking if starting L2 in Feb for June was enough. If the answers there were yes, Im sure you’ll be fine. For L1 none of the material is hard, its just the amount that makes it a pain in the ass. Get the self-study package, read all the books, do 3 or 4 practice tests and you’re good.

How about you study those 18 hours a week until June and tell me in the 3rd week of July the answer to your own question? Good luck.

I’ve probably studied about 150 hrs. Was an alright student at school, and always had an interest in the stock market. I should be able to eek out a pass come saturday. All my hours were in a short span(about one month) so less time to forget stuff. I’d say 200 would be more than enough, but to each his own really.


The time required, in my opinion, is extremely objective. For example: It took me less than 2 hours to master “15 hour study sessions” in one topic area. It took me a huge amount of time, spanning over weeks, to master another set of study sessions. It all depends on your current exposure to certain topic areas, and your ability to learn those topic areas.

so in other words, it’s subjective.

Those are great answers and I feel much confident about getting through the exams. Thanks all for you help!

yea i obviously meant subjective