time required to study for FRM

If i write CFA level 3 next June, will I have enough time to prepare for FRM part 1 exam in November? How many hours are required though?

I would say so. I just started a week ago for FRM1 for Nov and have finished the first book and halfway through the second book. The first 2 books are almost a complete reveiw and I expect the 3rd book to be as well

I am also considering the same option. Except that I am going for a CFA L2. Could one of you please tell me how many pages do the books for FRM Level 1 have? Thanks already in advance.

I am using Schweser and there are about 1000 pages (maybe less). GARP books are similar but I was freaking out when I received them because they are so convoluted. I had been warned, but did no listen, so I opted for Schweser.

I have finished the first 3 books in the month of september (while working). I will finish the last book this week hopefully. And reveiw until the exam in Nov.

I may even start on CFA L3 near the end of Nov because I really do not want to to retake a CFA Exam.

FRM PArt 1 has SIGNIFICANT overlap with CFA L1 and L2. I would say it is well over 50%. 90% of quant has already been covered in CFA. 100% of derivatives has already been covered. The first book was basically only CAPM and APT.

^ sorry not true about derivatives…

there are a few options trading strategies not included in CFA L1 or L2…straddles, strips/straps,butterfly, calendar, etc

This just reaffirms my belief that taking the FRM already now (during CFA studies) is a better and probably the optimal decision. Thank you again and good luck with achieving your goals.

^ I would suggest going for FRM Part 1 in Nov 2015.

That way L2 is still fresh and most of FRM will be a reveiw. (If I knew I was going to take FRM I would have started immediately after CFA L2)

There will also be a few topics that will overlap with CFA L3 I hear.

November 2015 it is. This was also my original plan. Based on your experience, do you think that it would be even possible to take part 1 and part 2 on the same day (and pass of course)? or would this be just to much to handle?

I beleive it is possible yes. I will have extra time before Nov 2015, and didnt start until September. So another 3 months on top would be a lot. That being said, I don’t think I would do it. I might burn out for L3 from studying too much. You’re call though