Time series Q bank

Hi, is there a way how i can get just time series questions from the test management of schweser? ( besides using browsing the questions)? Thanks

yes you can go to the View Curriculum, select your study session and the individual reading inside it. if you take the whole study session though you can take a “session exam” which is ALL vignette style if you take just the reading - you will get a “reading quiz” which is independent quetsions…which aren’t that much help so better to take the entire study session…you can print it and just do the time series if you want…atleast you get vignette style practice that way

Thanks mumu, how is it going. You seem to have disappeared which topics are you covering? i am working on quants.

Hi there is not much on time series!!! am i correct mumu or am i doing something wrong. 13 questions in total.

yeah…i just took the session earlier today…it’s 6 vignettes and i think only 2 on time series…but there are 3 readings…so i guess they needed to split it up 2-2-2 oh well… topics? i’ve finished reviweing …took book 6 1 am exam this sat - got 72% on it…wanted to review the topics on the second half before i went into it…so just doing that…fsa, equity and quant stuff…hoping to take the 1 pm exam sooooon

i have been working questions and from today i want to start reviewing as I seem to be forgetting the material and do not wish just to concentrate on the topics given by the questions. I thought of going through secret sauce and read the concepts at the back of schweser… 72% is quite good in my opinion. are you happy with the result?

meh…50-50 about it…glad i got above 70 …wish it was higher…gonna keep practicing… ok going back to books now.it’s almost midnight here… ta